Friday, 16 March 2018

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Kazak

No, I'm not sure where the last two and a half months went! Manthrax, work and weather I suppose... Anyway, I have managed to finish my first wargames figures in a long time(thanks to the reading glasses!), the Deathless Kazak for Panzerfäuste.

The figures haven't been released yet, but I managed to sneak some out of Hysterical Games HQ.

The Deathless are the (largely) undead faction in Panzerfäuste with a Russian look. The Kazak are undead cossacks mounted on nightmares, demonic horse-like beasts with flaming manes and tails.

Painting was a challenge but I'm quite happy with the end result, the flames contrasting nicely with the black beasts and dark blue uniformed zombie Dark Elf riders...

An unusual looking unit, but something different, hopefully they'll prove popular with gamers...

Next up a pile of models for Panzerfäuste's sister game Spitfyre! Tally ho!

Friday, 5 January 2018

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Kazak (work in progress I)

That dastardly thing of real world work has limited any hobby time this week, but I have made some progress on the Deathless Kazak...

Using the new reading glasses has been interesting. It makes detail painting easier (visible!) but taking some getting use to...

Hopefully there won't be too many domestic duties this weekend!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Kazak

One small step and all that today... I was determined I was going to do something hobby orientated today no matter how small. Having regained access to the painting bench I found a set of the (as yet unreleased) Hysterical Games Deathless Kazak for Panzerfäuste sat there.

Imagine if you will, zombie cossacks on nightmare mounts with flaming hooves and manes and you will be in the ball park.

As you can see I did not manage to get any paint on but they are made up, gaps filled with Green Stuff, based and bases textured. Tomorrow, undercoat and maybe some painting action!

Feels good!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Three's Company...

So, thinking I am probably not able to paint a 28mm figure with any degree of skill again, one of the Futbowel players I painted in 2016 had webbing painted where I thought it was not where it was on the model(!) I had been thinking about other options.

Odd though it sounds I did think 6mm might be the answer, especially tanks as they are block paint, wash and drybrush jobs in the main, I should be able to manage that. Whilst I still have my Yom Kippur project to finish, shiny wargamer syndrome did strike when reading about the Second Indo-Pakistan War of 1965...

Pakistani M48 Patton
On the face of it it might sound a bit obscure, but there are quite a lot of online and English language books and the war itself quite balanced with both sides using Western kit rather than one having tons of T55's, and the two major tank battles being won one each.

I had been scouting for models and at Colours had a nice chat with Heroics and Ros about their plans for Centurions and M47's. I'd pretty much settled that I'd look at that until I caught sight of the PicoArmor 3mm range at Reveille.

PicoArmor 3mm Centurions (pic. PicoArmor)
Now I know you are thinking I am completely insane, if I was struggling with 28mm details how would I manage with 3mm? Well I was thinking my 6mm painting approach would work with sections of tanks mounted on one base - and boy, it was cheap - 15 tanks for £3!

So I splashed a little bit of cash getting some Centurions and Shermans for the Indians and Pattons and Chaffees for the Pakistanis. I've yet to splash some paint on them but am looking forward to giving them a go this month....

PicoArmor 3mm Pattons (pic. PicoArmor)

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Why Men Are Stupid and Wives Are Not...

Some of you may have noticed an absence of posts on Bleaseworld over the last year and a bit. Whilst I have some excuse in the work involved on Panzerfäuste and Spitfyre has eaten into my hobby time, the main reason for the lack of doing anything hobby related was I had been struggling to see what the hell I was painting!

Like many gamers of a certain age I have vari-focal glasses allowing me to see things in the distance (useful when driving) and things close up (useful when reading). The problem I have with my prescription glasses is that whilst I can focus easily on a book at say eighteen inches distance trying to paint a toy soldier at six was practically impossible.

Being a typical man I hadn't really thought about a solution (well I have glasses that do the near and far thing) until I mentioned the problem to SWMBO this morning (who had thought I hadn't done any painting as I am just disorganised). 

She immediately dragged me (and a 28mm German para) down to ASDA to look at the non-prescription reading glasses, ignoring my comment that I can read fine, and made me try on some off the shelf reading glasses to see if I could focus on my beautifully detailed little lead friend at six inches... Eureka! I could!

So £10 later I now have a pair of 2.5x reading glasses which will allow me to paint some more of the masses hidden in Lead Mountain! All I need do now is gain access to my painting bench and hope my paints haven't all dried up...

See you in 2018 bloggers, Bleaseworld is back! :-)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Snapdragon Studio 6mm SF Scenery

We're having a bit of a move round in Bleaseworld which has led to the discovery of certain "lost" items in the loft including some of the display boards from when Wessex Games took Snapdragon Studio's 6mm SF range around shows in the nineties. These were stuck to black wooden boards but I have managed to prise them off and they can now be use for gaming.

It seems that photos of the range - which as you can see is high quality and stands the test of time - are quite rare, so here are the items I have rediscovered so far (there are some larger pieces that I will photograph when I find them).

Fire Direction Centre
Guard Tower
Ambush Position
Ambush Position (rear)
VTOL Landing Pad
Enclosed Hard Shelter
I decide to add a bit of variety to the trade stand by painting a few items up in non temperate schemes such as these desert pieces...

Light Weapons Casemate
Small Bunker with Razorwire
Light Weapons Bunker
Tank Position
...and these snowy ones.

Command Post 
Light Weapons Bunker
These two pieces were sat in a filing cabinet and had no identifying codes or descriptions on. I think the top one is a mortar team bunker but may be mistaken.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Panzerfäuste Futbowel: Orc Team

Having finished the Dwarf Panzerfäuste Futbowel team, I cracked on with the Orcs. The set I received was a pre-production set that contained one duplicated figure. Production sets will contain eleven unique Orc futbowelers.

Like the Dwarves they are in 1940's kit to maximise usage, though the goalie is in LOV (Local Orc Volunteer) uniform rather than the standard battle dress the outfield players are in.



Goalie (with "goal posts"):

Friday, 16 December 2016

Panzerfäuste Futbowel: Dwarf Team

I finished the Dwarf team for Panzerfäuste Futbowel yesterday and managed to take some in focus photos today!

Whilst the game is inspired by the 1914 Christmas Truce, the figures are sculpted in WW2 uniforms to tie in with the Panzerfäuste background and have use beyond the game as POW's, heavy weapons crews etc.



Goalie with "goal posts":

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Panzerfäuste Futbowel: DIY Shell Craters

Yes, I am still alive! :-) Life, the universe and real work getting in the way.

Anyway, hopefully you are aware that Hysterical Games are releasing a beer and pretzels game very, very soon called Panzerfäuste Futbowel, "recreating" the games of futtie played during the unofficial Hognachtswatch truce.

Matthew Hartley has completely revisited the old Wessex Games Futbowel rules and come up with a playing card driven game that is really quite cute and a lot of fun. As befitting a game set in No-Man's Land, the playing surface is broken up by shell caters, the rules stipulating you need 18 with a 50cm diameter (you don't use all these at the start, there are unexploded bombs that may create new ones).

Now you could just cut out some card circles but I felt creative and decide to make my own.

The process is very simple and cheap. I used some brown air drying clay I bough from Hobbycraft, broke some off and rolled into a ball. I pressed this onto a 50mm slottabase (not necessary but it does help tie in with the figures and not sit proud of any rocks on my playing surface).

I then pressed my thumb down in the middle and wiggled it about to make the crater. The edges were then pressed down and smoothed to the base edge. I then stippled the inside of the crater with an old  toothbrush to give a fine earth effect.

Once dry (don't rush in an overly warm oven!) I then coated the outsides with some builders sand and then painted the same colours as the figure bases and board.

A couple I tried a gungy greenish water effect in (I think I still need to add some resin to these).

And two others had a damaged barbed wire post added made from paper clips and some "barbed wire" bought off SnM Scenics on eBay.

And that was that. Tomorrow should see some photos of the Dwarf team (hopefully in focus unlike today's effort!)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Zombi

Having gone on a mini-spending spree at Devizes last weekend (more on that another day) I decided to try out the Zombiecide effects paints I bought on the as yet unreleased Panzerfäuste Deathless Zombi...

To be honest I only used the blood and gore paints from the set and they worked quite nicely, the rest are just Vallejo military paints for the Russian style uniforms.

To make them look a bit different than WW2 Russians I have decided my Panzerfäuste Dark Elves will be painted up as Drow with black skins and white hair, and consequently the Zombi had to be the same...

I think they've come up alright and might get some more soon.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Panzerfäuste: Skøgtroll Kongens Garde

I have a terrible problem in wanting to change things. Not content with painting a set of Hysterical's Panzerfäuste Forest Trolls, I decided I had to convert some into the elite Kong's Garde (King's Guard).

The trolls are based on the Norwegians and in real life the King's Guard fought off a German attempt to capture the King and his cabinet, whilst still dressed in parade ground undress uniform (and some hastily grabbed helmets).

This necessitated a bit of work, the removal of the breast pockets, extending the trousers and changing the head gear. I attempted to make a "Swedish" helmet which went "okay" on one troll, but played it safe with a side cap for the second.

In the sixties the regiment adopted a penguin from Edinburgh zoo and so, as this is fantasy,
I decided I needed a model of Sir Nils Olav. Now sourcing a penguin was not easy. Copplestone make some but they looked a bit small. In the end I used a toy one I bought off Amazon (six for £1.99 including postage) added a plastic British helmet from Warlord and et voila, the King's penguin who needs rescuing from the Dwarves. He's bit big but the trolls like big pets!

On the subject of animals in Panzerfäuste I also painted up the Kickstarter exclusive freebie, Hansi, the Kaiser's cat...